American Frontier Roofing 

Our History and Qualified Team Of Specialists

Some Company History

Having roots in small town Wyoming, American Frontier Roofing began in Lyman, Wyoming in 1988. With an abundance of knowledge and flat roofing experience, we quickly grew to become not only highly respected throughout the state and regionally, but also became a nationally recognized company. We are proud of the recognition received when we were made the focus of a feature article in Roofline Magazine, for having installed quality roofing applications in some of the harshest weather conditions in the country. American Frontier Roofing has done work throughout Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and Utah. Having established ourselves in St. George in 2012, the American Frontier Roofing legacy continues today, blazing a trail as an industry leader and innovator, bringing our unique style, expertise and unparalleled quality to every project we handle.

Our Team 

(Pictured Left to Right)

Bob Wilcock - CEO, Estimator & Field Supervision - 40 Yrs. Experience Industrywide

Greg Allen - President & Chief Estimator - 8 Yrs. Field & 4Yrs Estimation Experience as Chief Estimator

Jake Wilcock - COO & Field Superintendent - 10 Yrs Field Experience 

Our Products and Services

We Specialize In Flat Roofing Applications

Complete Membrane Roofs

We Are Celebrating!

2018 Is The 40th Anniversary Of American Frontier Roofing!

Employing multiple knowledgeable, experienced crews, American Frontier Roofing has laid many hundreds of thousands of feet of membrane roofing, possibly into the millions over the last 40 years in business. Our commitment to unparalleled  quality has set us apart as the premier flat roofing installer in Southern Utah, having been recognized nationally by Roofline Magazine for installing quality roofing applications in some of the harshest weather conditions in the country. Our work is autographed with excellence and pride! 

Maintenance Plans

Let An Expert Maintain Your Roofing System

Our Preventive Maintenance Program allows our customers to find potential roofing issue before they happen. The program is completely FREE. Once enrolled, American Frontier Roofing will send out an expert to perform a roof inspection including an extensive analysis of your current roofing system and evaluation of its condition. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive analysis to program members, of the roof's condition and any possibly needed repairs. We quote a fair and competitive price for needed repairs and there is no obligation to buy. This affords building/ homeowners the ability to plan for future repair expenses.

Contractor Relationships

We Value Our Relationships

American Frontier Roofing works closely with some of Southern Utah's most reputable General Contractors as well as Local and State Government Entities to complete many of our larger and on going contracts. And we don't forget local homeowners! We know working closely with other industry professionals makes even the most complicated project run more smoothly. Communication is key to every working relationship. Along with excellent work and competitive pricing those relationships are the foundation reputations are built upon. 

Commitment to Safety

Serious Commitment To Safety

Always OSHA compliant, we take our commitment to safety very seriously. At American Frontier Roofing, we are committed not only to quality and excellence but to safety as well. Knowing the many variables of each project, through training and ongoing weekly Tool Box discussions, our crews are  mindful of the safety requirements  of every project and in general conduct and performance of their duties. The safety of our customers, crews and worksite areas is our #1 priority at all times and we take pride as well in our excellent safety record.